D L G Z's journey follows a path that is more often winding than straight. The same goes for its music. D L G Z plays intricate and haunted rock music, dark and stubborn, drawing inspiration from jazz, noise rock, or high brow music, that owes as much to Portishead and Steve Reich as it does to Battles or Robert Wyatt.
Since 2005, the Lille based quintet has experienced periods of intense activity during which they released two EPs and an album, performed alongside prestigious acts like Tortoise, Ez3kiel, or Guns Of Brixton, but also disappeared from the radar multiple times.
The band resurfaced in 2022 with a new album in the works and a reconfigured lineup. Entitled Setbacks & Reversals, as a reference to the obstacles and pitfalls that have marked D L G Z's active years, as turbulent as their offbeat and nerdy rock, this new album will finally be unveiled in November 2023!